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Advice for single moms

"I'm 20 years old, and a single mother; I seem to be missing the appeal I had before I had my baby. What can I do to spice myself up without compromising my morals?"
-Single Mom in San Antonio

Adrian: The lack of appeal probably isn't the way you look, it's the baggage. You have a child, and this tends to scare a lot of guys off, especially at your age.

Michelle: If you think it's your appearance, make sure you aren't dressing like a mom. You can still dress like a 20-year-old when you're not out with your kids. And when talking about yourself on either on Metrodate or out at a bar, focus on yourself and not your kids.

Adrian: Don't go out of the way to hide the fact that you have children, though and don't wait too long to mention it either. There's nothing worse than getting to know someone, becoming interested, and then having a bomb dropped on you.

Michelle: Of course don't hide it, but don't keep talking about it constantly. Another option is to look for guys on Metrodate who also have kids -- you'll have something in common with them, and they'll understand your situation. There's also a single parents interest group that you can visit on Metrodate.

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