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Breaking Up ... It Can Be a Good Thing!

So, with this backdrop, how can a break up be a positive thing?

One has to realize that without difficult times and life challenges there is no growth or personal development. Believe it or not, we actually need to go through these difficult situations to grow and test our strength and fortitude. Only when you have overcome challenges, do you really develop and reach your potential.

These break ups are painful, but one needs to take a step back and look with a much broader perspective. Every person, no matter who they are, will have bumps in the road. Every person actually needs these "bumps in the road" to develop, grow and gain understanding. Some people need to overcome very difficult circumstances to mature and begin to truly understand oneself.

So, if you are still feeling the pain from a break up, try to understand that you are being put to one of the many tests that you must overcome in life. Also, remind yourself that you seldom hear an elderly person complain about broken hearts from long lost love. They have the wisdom to understand that a break up is really just a fork in a very long road.

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