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From Cyberspace to the Real World

"Cyberspace to the Real World"

  • Be Truthful
    This may seem obvious to some, but the more truthful you are, the easier it will be to transition from email to an actual date. An honest personal description and genuine answers to questions about your dating objectives, interests, lifestyle, etc. will likely result in receiving the same information from the other member. Once you are "for real" and not just a personality in cyberspace, the easier it will be to meet in person -- you will have nothing to hide.

  • Invest Some Time
    There is nothing wrong with thinking about what you are going to write before you send it. There is also nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to be creative and informative in your messages. The biggest mistake members make it to send a message with no investment of time, i.e. "Hey saw your profile, check out mine." If you want results, take some time to look at the other member's profile and write a message that shows you were selective and that there is a good reason why this message is being sent.

  • Be Informative and Informed
    You can give a great deal of information about yourself, without giving away personal or private information. Indicate in your description what movies you like, where you like to travel, whether you like to be athletic or active, etc. This type of information goes a long way toward determining the basis for a personal meeting. When someone has left out that information, ask questions about things that are important to you.

  • Do What Feels Comfortable and Be Understanding
    While this is much the same as meeting someone in a bar, many people are not comfortable with going straight from email to a personal meeting. Listen to your comfort level and appreciate the other member's concerns too. It may take numerous emails, an exchange of pictures and some phone calls before a personal meeting takes place. Be patient. Do what feels right and always meet in a public place.

We have a lot of quality members, genuinely interested in finding someone special. Since we are in a new age, we are all learning to adjust to this form of communication. However, in any environment, honesty and effort go a long way toward starting a new relationship.

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