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"Using Metrodate to Build Your Social Network"

By keeping an open mind and understanding that contacts made at Metrodate can be valuable, even if they are not prospective romantic partners, you will be able to expand your social network with this site. Here are some things we suggest:

  • Use the Chat Room
    While the chat room is open 24/7, there are specific times when members from your city will be checking into the chat room. Check it out, if it is quiet, browse for a while and come back. Remember, you will be chatting with people from your city, who are also single -- you never know who you may meet.

  • Form or Join Interest Groups allows members to form or join interest groups in their own city. Check for the list of groups on the "Meet by Shared Interest" page. If you don't see any groups, you may want to form one. It can be anything: athletic events, movies, coffee... it is entirely up to you!

  • Explore Friendship First
    You will most likely find people on Metrodate with whom you are compatible, but that does not always mean that you will be compatible for romance. If you start with the attitude that you are trying to just meet some new people, many of your contacts at Metrodate can turn into great social acquaintances or friends. By not ruling people out, just because you don't see a romantic spark, you can truly enhance your social life.

  • Being Polite and Open Minded
    It is possible you will receive a message from another member that you feel is not worth taking the time to write a response. If you take that extra couple of minutes to write a short reply, you never know where that contact may lead. It is possible that by being open minded, that other member could prove to be helpful by introducing you to someone else or by helping you network for career advancement. You never know, so it never hurts to be polite.

Bottom line: is a great way to meet people. While most of us are focused on trying to meet a new romantic partner, Metrodate can also provide an easy and effective way to make new acquaintances or friends, who live close by. Keep an open mind, and use the comprehensive features available on the site and will help you expand your social network.

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