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Safe meetings via the Internet

"10 Suggestions on Safe Meetings Via the Internet"

  1. Use Metrodate Messaging Until You Are Comfortable
    Using online messaging, you can determine whether a connection made through this service is worth exploring further. Use it until you feel comfortable that the person is being sincere.

  2. Do Not Give Out Personal Information
    At first, since your contact is anonymous by email, you need not give your full name, telephone number etc. to the other individual. Only after you feel comfortable should you exchange personal information.

  3. Meet in a Public Place
    Until you feel comfortable with someone, you should meet in a public place, where you feel safe.

  4. Meet in a Group or Bring a Friend
    If you decide to set up a personal meeting, it may be fun to go out in a group or to bring a friend along. This will make you feel more at ease.

  5. Set Up Free Email For This Service
    There are so many great free email systems out on the web, you should use it to your advantage. This is especially advisable for people accessing the internet from work. Just remember to write down your new password and member ID somewhere.

  6. Ask For Personal References
    If it will make you feel more comfortable, ask for a personal reference or two.

  7. Do Not Buy Anything or Lend Money
    In this day and age, scam artists appear everywhere, maybe even in the singles world. Don't let anyone scam you for money.

  8. When You Give a Phone Number, Give Your Work Number
    If you have some personal space in your office to talk on the phone, it may be best to give out that phone number first, should you decide to exchange numbers.

  9. Exchange Photos Via Email or Regular Mail
    If you want to be sure that the other person is telling the truth about their looks, ask for a picture.

  10. Make Your Own Decision On Personal Meetings
    Only you can decide whether you feel a personal meeting is worthwhile; listen to your own instincts.

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