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Indonesian, Singaporean

48 Queensway City, England


The Straits (of Malacca) has always been perceived as a giant melting pot of culture, race and religion. Travellers to the region would experience awonderful array of colours, music and fashion, which are direct results of the fusion of this cultural diversity. The owners of KIASU have specially chosen chefs from this region to reflect the diverse cuisine. We are very pleased and confident to offer you this wonderful culinary experience from the Straits. The word “KIASU” in the Chinese Hokkien dialect means ‘afraid to be second best’. So in typical “KIASU” tradition, we ensure that all items displayed on the menu are the very popular dishes from different parts of the Straits and its neighbours of the Far East and they are all prepared using tried and tested original recipes, some of them dating back 30 years. All ingredients used are authentic and according to the original recipes. They are sourced fresh and many of them are specially imported to meet this standard. Every dish is properly presented and garnished as original. From the nasi (rice) to the mee (noodles) we present you a taste of our heritage. We hope you enjoy this experience with us and come back for more.

Champor Champor

Asian, Indonesian

62-64 Weston Street Southwark, England


Champor-champor is not just another restaurant. It is a whole culture of its own - a total dining experience. The term is actually a Malay expression, which may be loosely translated as 'mix and match'. Delicious modern Malay-Asian food, influenced by the flavours of East, Southeast and South Asia, with a hint of the Western world, is served from set menus. Our wine list features wines from around the world that have been carefully selected to complement the food. We also feature a range of aperitifs, beers, spirits, liqueurs, coffees, teas, herbal infusions and other soft drinks.

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