How to Pick a Metrodate Member ID

Your Metrodate Member ID is the first thing people will see when they see your profile, so it's a good idea to think of a name that tells something about you, and makes people want to read more! Here are some suggestions for selecting a member ID.

Can't think of one? No problem, you can change it later. For now just enter something like "singleguy" or "singlegal".

Some Good Ideas:

Use only letters and numbers, avoid spaces or symbols.
We don't accept anything other than letters and numbers in member names.

Include something about your interests, hobbies, or sports you enjoy.
This can help people with similar interests recognize you. It will also give you something to talk about when people first meet you.

Include something that is unique about you.
This will get people interested in reading more about you.

Use the name of a favorite character from a movie, book, or television.
Other people who like this character will want to know more about you.

Use your nickname, astrological sign, or the name of a favorite place.

Try combining your first name with one of the suggestions above to find something completely unique.

Some Bad Ideas:

Don't include your full name or contact information in your Member ID.
For your protection, you should not give out your personal information until you talk with someone, and feel that you can trust them. It is against Metrodate policy to allow contact information or identifying information in Member ID's.

Don't include profanity in your Member ID.
This will cause people to avoid you, because they won't think that you are serious about meeting someone special.

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