Metrodate Signup FAQ:

Here are some frequently asked questions for people who are considering signing up for Metrodate. If you are already an existing member and require assistance, please log in first. If you forgot your password, use the password reset form.

What is Why should I join? is the best way to meet singles in your city or around the world! Search our member profiles with personal messages, photos, videos, and voice messages from singles that are anxious to meet you! Sign up for a free membership to create your own profile, visit the chat rooms, message boards, dating tips and more! is really Free? What's the catch?
We display advertising on to help pay the bills. This allows us to provide this great service completely for free. Please help us out by telling your friends about!
What is a member id?
Your member ID is how you are identified to others on Metrodate, so that you do not need to provide your real name. This can be something simple like your first name, or it can be something more clever like "niceguy4you." Need help picking one? We'll suggest one during the signup process. You can change this later if desired.
Why do I have to provide an email address? I don't want spam!
Your email address is completely private between you and Metrodate. We do not put your email on your profile and we never share it with third parties. We use your email to notify you when people contact you, and we also send you your matches every couple weeks. We never spam and we never share your email with anyone!
Metrodate shows the wrong city in the top corner. Why?
Metrodate chooses the largest city it thinks you are close to based on your postal code. It's not always right, but that's ok, you will still be matched with people closest to you.
What if I change my mind and want to cancel?
No problem, you would just go to Home > Account Info > "Cancel Your Free Account". (You need to be logged on to see that.) Once you cancel you will immediately stop receiving any emails from us, and your profile will no longer be displayed to other members.
Ok, this sounds great! How do I sign up?
Simply go here to sign up. It's free, it's fun, and you might just meet that special someone. Enjoy!