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We have an extensive database of user information via member profiles. This demographic information is essential for the perfect reach. The lifestyles of the user is clearly defined. is an online dating service, catering to unmarried men and women consumers with disposable income. Our audience exhibits a high commercial intent, consisting of a large percentage of employed professionals. Reaching singles with dispoable income means an opportunity for higher conversions. Targeting options include:

Location is available in over 220 countries worldwide. Your ads will be displayed to the right people at the right place. Campaigns can focus on certain locations from countries and states to individual cities.

Focus on single males, single females or both. Gender is entered by each individual user. This information is highly accurate and not just based on predicted visitor patterns.

We have a well-balanced age demographic, giving you the ability to target your age of choice. All of our users are over the age of 18. If you have more specific age groups, you have the option to set the age range of who sees your ads on

Ethnicity & Religion
We have a diverse audience. This means reaching various cultures. Regardless, if you are looking to target individuals from a certain ethnic background or religion belief.

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