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Quick Search uses the information on your FREE member profile to instantly locate and rank compatible matches in your area. It's a great way to get started and see who's out there!  Quick Search »

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Refine your search or try different options with our Advanced Search. You can customize all of your search criteria and try out different settings to meet even more members.  Advanced Search »

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Who's Online Now shows you all of the singles currently using Metrodate. You can chat with these members right away in our chat rooms or using our Instant Messenger.  Online Now »

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See all of the members you previously marked as 'Interested' or are flirting with on the My Favorites page. You can easily add members to this list while searching so you can find them again later.  My Favorites »

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When you want to express interest in a member, but aren't ready to contact them, you can flirt with them to let them know that you liked their profile. Members you are flirting with will appear here so you can review their profiles or contact them.  I'm Flirting With »

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When a member flirts with you, we'll notify you by e-mail and around the site. You can also view a list of people flirting with you here, and contact or flirt with those that interest you.  Flirting With Me »
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